I want to tell you a secret..

..A secret, that when you know of it and use it with intention – you will be able to outperform most people in your field. Because even though the secret easily can be known to everybody, it’s rare to find someone who are doing it.

If you mean serious business with yourself and your performance you will not miss out on this one!

If you are ready to take yourself, your body and physical and mental health to the next level, I want you to focus on what I’m about to teach you. It can be a game changer for you!

You know.. As the saying goes..You are what you eat – that’s not really true..

What they don’t tell you is, that you’re not only what you eat – but you are what you eat, how you are able to break down your food in your body and absorb the nutrients – that’s the secret to creating the magic in your body and your performance.

My job is to teach you how you create this kind of magic within yourself, so you can build a supreme body machine where you nourish your mind and muscles to work in your favor.

Food is a lot more than just simple meals to keep your stomach full. Food is information. What you eat and drink, communicates with every cell in your body.
If you eat crappy foods, sure you will get crappy results. BUT.. With the right foods and fluid you will create the right environment in your body, so you have the best circumstances to perform at your best!


I will give you the top 10 nutritional advice you can implement TODAY, so you can start and benefit from your performance journey already tomorrow.

  1. Eat at least 600 grams (minimum amount) of greens, veggies, fruits and berries everyday
    focus on your greens and veggies. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fibres and phytonutrients.
  2. Eat quality sources of protein
    Eat quality sources of protein to every meal. Organic, biodynamic, real grasfeed or wild animal protein or good sources of plant protein as legumes or lentils. A supplement of protein can be OK, if it’s clean and from a good source without refined sugar.
  3. Consume energizing carbohydrates
    Eat the grains that are filled with fibres and nutrients as wild/brown/red/black rice, oats, quinoa, potatoes (all different kinds), buckwheat, rye, spelled etc. White rice and white flour are “empty” sources of carbohydrates and it won’t give you anything else than a quick sugar rush. Focus on the sources that gives your body long term energy, fibres, vitamins & minerals.
  4. Wonderfully fatty acids
    Fat is not bad for you if it’s the right one. You need good sources of fat for your vital organs, brain- and cell function. Focus on good quality fat and which type of fats you consume. If you eat animal fat, make sure its from organic, grasfeed animals. Plant oils should always be organic and cold pressed. Focus on getting omega-3 everyday (it can be found in salmon and flaxseeds)
    Eat nuts and seeds, avocado and organic cold pressed plant oils, salmon, halibut or tuna etc.
  5. Drink at least 2 liters of clean water, herbal tea or clean green juices everyday.
    Depending on your workout you may need to drink more during the day. (stay tuned – next blogpost will teach you how to stay hydrated for optimized performance). If you really need coffee or alcohol, make sure it’s a quality product and enjoyed in moderation. Dairy products can be a trouble for someone to digest and therefore effect your energy level, digestion and performance. No matter who you are – if you consume dairy, it will be healthiest for you fermented or soured.
  6. Prioritize organic foods
    Save yourself and your overall health for unnecessary spraying substances. The quality of the food will be higher and richer in nutrients if you choose organic foods.
  7. A good quality multi-vitamin and omega-3 supplement is highly recommended
    Even though you eat healthy it’s rarely to find that you’ll get enough vitamins and minerals through your diet. Especially when you use a big amount of energy through your workouts.
    Other supplements can be relevant for you – but make sure to consult a professional therapist before you increase your intake.
    Puori’ is a great brand for Omega-3 supplement for athletes, because of the quality and quantity of the fish oil and they ship to most parts of the world. For a multi-vitamin make sure you get the best quality in your country.
  8. Eat your meals – don’t skip your meals.
    Your body needs fuel to perform and it keeps your blood sugar levels balanced.
    Never skip your main meals – breakfast, lunch or dinner. You may need to have some healthy snacks to consume during the day as well.
  9. Eat balanced meals – ’The easy breezy T-plate’.
    Make it easy to eat healthy balanced meals. Make sure you get the nutrients you need for your main meals. Divide the plate like a T (see the picture below) – Fill the plate with 50% greens and veggies, 25% quality protein, 25 % energizing carbohydrates and 1-2 tablespoon wonderfully fatty acids.
  10. Reduce your intake of sugary foods, junk foods and processed foods.
    Like I told you – crappy foods gets you crappy results. Skip all those bad fatty acids and toxins. Your body store and use unnecessary energy when you eat bad foods and it will affect your energy level, mind and muscle work
    (more on that topic later)



Chili Josephine Hede
Dietitian, MT Performance